Costoulas triumphs twice in Paris

Sofia Costoulas (Tennis Europe Girls All-45) has once again proven to be in the winning zone. Two weeks after capturing both singles and doubles titles in Villeneuve-Lez-Avignon, she now won both titles in the BNP Paribas Cup in Paris (U14, Category 1).

In singles, Costoulas raced through her first two matches, only losing two games. After dropping a set in the third round, she never got into trouble again. In the final, she opposed the French Oceane Babel (Tennis Europe Girls 329). With a 6-0, 6-2-win, the young Belgian sealed the trophy.

In doubles, Costoulas was equally successful. Seeded number 1 together with the Tsjech Anna Panchartek (Tennis Europe Girls 139), she came up to the expectations and qualified for the final. In a tense battle, Costoulas and Panchartek took the first set (7-5), but went on to lose the second (0-6). However, in the match tiebreak, it was the Belgian-Tsjech tandem that triumphed: 10-7.