A passionate, dynamic professional team supporting each talent

A sports enthusiast and company manager to the core, Carl Mestdagh was the mind behind the Hopiness project. This entrepreneur born in 1966 was looking to invest in civic-minded initiatives requiring citizen responsibility and involvement.

Active in a number of fields, Carl Mestdagh is managing director of Equilis SA and currently chairman of the Board at Mestdagh SA, Ascencio SCA and Valois. He is also managing director in companies with various corporate purposes.

To help Hopiness get up and running, Carl surrounded himself with co-founders he knew well: his cousins and associates Eric and John Mestdagh, also managing directors of SA Mestdagh.

To support the young talents selected, the founders drew on a dynamic, professional team managed by Cindy Vincent – who has nearly 15 years’ experience in sports management- and a network of elite sports experts.

Carl Mestdagh


Cindy Vincent 


Françoise Blaise
 (Heilporn & Partners)

Legal advisor

David de Backer

Fiscal advisor

Valérie Welter


Muriel Hubert


François Tirou

Graphic Designer

Nicolas Willot

Web Designer

Martine Quinet

Insurance Policies